At Autohub – Mechanical customer service is our main priority. We aim to exceed expectations in quality and affordability as well as the experience and knowledge our team members provide. We are able to source genuine parts from a variety of suppliers, ensuring our customers benefit both financially and with getting their vehicle back on the road quicker. Our friendly team will notify you of any additional work required before going ahead so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises. Check out below to see the many services we offer…

Log Book Servicing & Oil Change

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and routinely changing it will give your engine a longer life and you, peace of mind. Along with changing your oil and oil filter, all other major components are checked like drive belts, steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust and cooling system. All these areas are vulnerable to wear and tear therefore checking them when servicing is mandatory. A Log Book Service is the manufacturer’s guide to maintaining your vehicle in a preventative maintenance manner to insure your vehicle’s longevity, drives trouble free and doesn’t cause damage to the various operating systems. At Autohub our qualified tradesmen carry out ALL log book services to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure you get trouble free motoring and to make sure your MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY STAYS CURRENT AND VALID.

Brakes and braking systems

When you have to stop you have to stop, and that’s why regularly checking and maintaining your brakes is important to keep you and everyone around you safe. Your brake pads are a consumable item and are designed to wear away and be replaced when worn down. You’ll know your brake pads need urgent replacement when you start to hear a squealing sound coming from them. You need to replace your pads in time otherwise you risk damaging the brake rotors and costing yourself more money. During an Autohub service your brakes are checked each and every time. This includes all brake components such as brake lines, pads, rotors or brake drums where fitted.

RWC/Safety Certificates

We are an accreditated inspection station (lic. # 10662) to perform Safety Inspections (RWC) and Certificate Of Inspections (CL). A Safety Certificate is required if you are selling your vehicle or advertising it for sale. Further to this we are able to carry out pre-purchase inspections to ensure you are buying a quality vehicle and not one hidden with problems.